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CESME Zip Curtain
Motorized Outdoor

Fountain Zip Curtain Automatic

Fountain Zip curtain . Automatic controlled outdoor curtain. It will protect you from the sun and wind. You can enjoy Çeşme, which you can easily use in your garden, and your new garden friend will protect you from the sun. Fountain Zip curtain systems. Somfy engine combined with Serge Ferrari Soltis Fabric. Fountain outdoor curtain, fabric in various colors and aluminum frame with unlimited colors. 

High-tech outdoor curtain. It allows you to easily watch the outside without disturbing your view. It protects you against sun rays. The fountain zip curtain system allows the circulation of the air inside to the outside. Motorized and controlled garden curtain system. Protects you against flies, does not prevent the entry of outside air. Operation with remote control or button. New generation outdoor curtain . Zip curtain AlcaArt Design

cesme zip perde otomatik kumandali perde

High Strength Outdoor Curtain

Fountain Outdoor curtain , large size seamless welding. high wind load resistance (110 km/h).

Soltis fabric is produced in such a way that it will not be affected by external weather conditions. Cesme outdoor curtain systems provide 25% heat saving by protecting against sun rays with high quality fabrics. You are protected from external climatic conditions and flies, and you get rid of the disturbing effect of the wind. The zip curtain, which cuts off most of the sun's rays, will allow you to enjoy your garden. AlcaArt Dizayn is the best company in Çeşme with the correct installation of the zip curtain and back service guarantee. New generation curtain Zip Curtain.

otomatik zip perde cesme alcaart
çeşme zip perde sistemi örneği. somfy motorlu italyan kumaşlı zip dış mekan perdesi

Outdoor Curtain

Steel drum support that does not stretch over large distances. Fountain Outdoor curtain is weather resistant. Now experience the wind of Çeşme to the fullest. 

Zip Curtain

Licensed and patented gasket system that keeps the fabric taut. Remote controlled curtain. Quality engine options 

cesme dis mekan perdesi otomatik perde

Fountain Zip Curtain 
SergeFerrari Fabric
Somfy Engine
Cesme Outdoor Curtain

The wind will only cool you down now!

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